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What are the different roof styles?

  • Regular-style standard roof units have rounded corners and are considered the
    “basic” of carport designs. Acting as a founding product for all other designs, the
    standard roof unit is typically the most economical and affordable product.
  • Boxed-eave units are designed with an A-frame roof truss and horizontal roof
    panels. This modern design has made this style unit one of the most popular
    available. An upgrade to a boxed-eave style roof is both stylish and affordable.
  • Vertical roof units are designed with an “A” frame roof truss and vertical roof
    panels. Hat channel runs the length of the unit to cross brace the roof and
    provide a mounting point for the roof panels. This design helps to prevent
    weathering elements such as rain and snow from “standing” on your building.
    Vertical-roof units come standard with ridge cap and specially-designed wider
    trim that gives the product a modern, finished appearance.