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12x30x12 Standard Metal RV cover

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This standard RV cover is 12′ wide and 30′ long and 12′ high. Perfect for storing pull-behind RVs, storage trailers, and horse trailers. It has 6′ covered down each side along with closed gables.

This standard RV cover, measuring 12′ wide, 30′ long, and 12′ high, is tailored for storing pull-behind RVs, storage trailers, and horse trailers. It features 6 feet of coverage down each side, along with closed gables, providing comprehensive protection for your vehicles or equipment.

The 12-foot width ensures ample space to accommodate various types of trailers, while the 30-foot length offers generous room for storing longer vehicles without compromising on protection. The covered sides and closed gables enhance the structure’s ability to shield your belongings from the elements, including sunlight, rain, and snow.

Whether you’re looking to safeguard your RV during the off-season or need a secure storage solution for trailers and equipment, this standard RV cover offers reliability and versatility to meet your needs.

  • Dimensions: 12′ wide, 30′ long, 12′ high
  • Suitable for storing pull-behind RVs, storage trailers, and horse trailers
  • 6 feet of coverage down each side for added protection
  • Closed gables enhance weather resistance and structural integrity

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